Blog Reviews of The Biblical Canon Lists and Amazon’s Ridiculous Discount

Cover Art-RevisedWe are in the third month since the release of The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity: Texts and Analysis, and there are now two blog reviews and an amazing discount to report.

First, the discount. Amazon is currently giving the book away at a 39% discount or for $27. One will not find that ridiculous price, even at SBL.

Second, the reviews. (1) Dr. Jim West has reviewed the book here. He takes issue with the small font size of the Greek, Syriac, and Latin texts, which is a completely fair criticism, and we have noted it. He ends with this paragraph:

I think the volume is completely worth the reader’s time.  Just not all at once.  The reading of lists can be a tiresome task and of the making of book lists there is no end.  Fortunately, here, readers find all the essential lists in one location and don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to track them down in various places and volumes.  For that alone our authors are to be thanked.

(2) Dr. Larry Hurtado provides a short review here. He thinks our bibliography is up to date and our footnotes are copious:

The major benefit of this book is that, for each list included, the authors give a brief introduction, and the actual text in the original language and with an English translation, plus copious notes.  In one handy volume, you have pretty much all the key evidence, which makes this volume a unique contribution.

In the comments to Hurtado’s post, Lee Martin McDonald, author of The Formation of the Biblical Canon, chimed in. I’ll give him the last word:

Thanks for the good review of this book Larry. It is a superb volume and both young scholars are planning on extending their focus well into the Medieval period and eventually well into the modern era. I have profited from their research in my recent volumes. I know both men well and Ed was kind enough to add clarity in some of the lists in my work. While we do not agree on some of the details, they are most kind to those with whom they disagree and I applaud their sensitivity toward fellow scholars and their gentle spirits. I think their work here will be the standard on canon lists for years to come. Thanks also for mentioning The Canon Debate volume! —Lee Martin McDonald

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