SBL/IOSCS Paper Proposal Accepted


Last week, I learned that I will be presenting at the Denver meetings, “The Dream for a ‘Field for the Twenty-First Century’ Endures: A Description and Defense of the New Critical Edition of Job 22–42.” Yes, yes, if I present it, you will come :-). For anyone interested, here is the abstract:

Publishing “a Field for the Twenty-First Century” remains the aim of the Hexapla Project, and after many years of waiting, the release of its first edition, A Critical Edition of the Hexaplaric Fragments of Job 22–42, is planned for winter of 2018. In light of this development, I want to (1) review the aims of the Hexapla Project, (2) describe the format of the new edition vis-à-vis prior editions, and (3) reply to some recent criticism of the project with specific examples from the new edition of Job 22–42. The new edition surpasses the previous editions of Frederick Field and Joseph Ziegler both in terms of evidence and method, and this advance will be demonstrated with examples from Job 22–42. Finally, Olivier Munnich has offered some recent criticisms of the Hexapla Project, which I will address in the final part of the presentation.



2 thoughts on “SBL/IOSCS Paper Proposal Accepted

  1. Dear John,

    Hope all goes well with the presentation.

    BTW, you mentioned “Olivier Munnich” in your post above in the Abstract. It is actuall, “Olivier Melnick.” Olivier was a speaker at the recent “Alpha-Omega Conference” here at Shasta Bible College & Graduate School, April 4-8, 2018. The topics that Olivier spoke about was regarding “Anti-Semitism. The topic was well received by those in attendance and the local churches.

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