Updates to Seminary Papers

I have posted three new papers under the “Seminary Papers” page.

  1. A paper on Isaiah 7:14 in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho, which I wrote this Spring.
  2. A paper on the land theme in the Biblical canon, which I wrote last Spring.  In this paper I attempt to trace in broad strokes the land promise in the OT and its subsequent fulfillments in the OT and its ultimate fulfillment in the NT.
  3. I also linked to Adorare Mente‘s publication of my paper on circumcision in Egypt and Israel.

I hope these papers interest you and stimulate your thinking in significant ways.

The Ancient Versions on Isaiah 7.14

Fewer texts in the OT have been more important to the Christian church than Isaiah 7:14. Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho is a great example of the controversy between Jews and Christians over this crucial text.  However, Justin and Trypho argue on the basis of Greek versions alone, and the controversy never descends to the meaning of the Hebrew Bible.  The Versions listed below are translations from the Hebrew text, and I offer some commentary on each one. Continue reading “The Ancient Versions on Isaiah 7.14”