Seminary Papers

I hope you find these papers useful for your own study and research.  I ask only that when you click on a link below that you commit not to plagiarize from any of the material but faithfully cite whatever you might use.  Thanks.

Text and Grammar Papers

History and Theology Papers

  • The Texts of and Arguments from Isaiah 7:14 in the Dialogue with Trypho. (Paper interacts with the use of Isaiah 7:14 in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho) [Link removed because the paper has been submitted for publication].
  1. Appendix A (This appendix compares the OG of Isaiah 7:10-17[8.4 inter 7.16a-b] with LXX text of Justin Martyr).
  2. Appendix B (This appendix represents my attempt at reconstructing Origen’s Hexapla for Isaiah 7:14 according to all of the sources).
  • The Theme of the Land in the OT and the NT (This paper traces the theme of land through the Canon in broad strokes, showing that the hermeneutic of Promise and Fulfillments fits the evidence in both the OT and the NT).

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