Life Update: Spring 2018 Sabbatical


2017 LogoIt’s hard to believe that we have been ministering and teaching at Phoenix Seminary for five and a half years already (since Fall 2012). Teaching fine students and working with wonderful colleagues has made these years some of the sweetest of our lives.

For the Spring 2018 semester, I will be on research sabbatical / writing leave from the footer-logoseminary. My family and I will be moving to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to participate in their Visiting Scholar Program (read more about it here). We will be there from middle of January to early June so that we can participate in life at the seminary and, more specifically, so that I can work on some writing projects that need attention. Here are some specifics on the writing projects:

  • Finalize some papers on OT Canon and NT Canon for publication.
  • Finalize my dissertation on the Hexaplaric Fragments of Job 22-42 (finally!) for publication with Peeters.
  • Continue research and writing a handbook on the sources of Origen’s Hexapla (a project I’m very excited about and will explain more fully later).
  • Begin another project I’m not at liberty to speak about :-).
  • Begin writing a lengthy chapter on OT Textual Criticism for an intermediate Hebrew language textbook.

We are super excited to be back on the East coast, even if for a little while. We homeschool our two oldest children and part of that includes Classical Conversations. We have already found a group in which to participate in NC so the kids’ schooling will continue on schedule in the Spring (we’re in the colonial America cycle so where better to be located than the East coast). Another exciting benefit is that Annie’s family lives near Charlotte, NC so for the first time in our married life we will be near them. Of course, we will miss our friends in Phoenix while we are away, but we look forward to the fun adventures we will have in NC. We hope to return well rested and rejuvenated to continue our ministry in Phoenix upon our return.

Here are some key dates for the upcoming months:

  • Mid December: Meades of AZ drive from AZ to MA to spend Christmas with the Meades of MA.
  • January 8-12: I return to Phoenix to teach a J-term intensive on the History of the Canon of Scripture at Phoenix Seminary.
  • Immediately after teaching the course I begin writing leave at SEBTS.
  • Beginning early June we plan to visit friends and family on the East Coast.
  • We plan to return to Phoenix around beginning of August.

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