I’m very thankful to Peter Gentry and Jim Hamilton for serving on my dissertation committee as well as to Claude Cox and Jerome Lund for serving in the capacity of external examiners. I have relatively few edits to make before submitting the final draft in May. Onward to graduation.


6 thoughts on “Dissertation…Defended!

  1. Belated congratulations! I only just now stumbled on your fine Blog. By way of introduction, I am director emeritus of the Klau Library, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, New York School. I was very close to Harry M Orlinsky (1908-1992), Jewish scholar of the LXX. I know he was be delighted to see the progress made since his heyday, especially with young scholars like you. As a classicist, perhaps you – or one of your readers can solve this mystery for me. When I completed by dissertation, the musicologist and classicist Eric R Werner (1901-1988) sent me a note: F.F.F.F. He later explained it was an abbreviation for a Latin phrase of highest congratulations. Sadly I can no longer find the note. So let me wish you F.F.F.F. as well!

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