Home from Goettingen Safe and Sound

I arrived home on the 28th and then my wife and I swiftly departed from the airport to Cincinnati for a little R&R and to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary (the official date is July 5th, but Mama was in town and watched the kids for us).

The trip to Goettingen was a success in my mind. To list a few things, I retrieved pictures or scans of the most significant manuscripts for  my project, worked on the collation of Ms RA476, incorporated the relevant hexaplaric fragments from ms 709, began a thorough revision of my earlier chapters [they really need it!], met the Hagedorns in person, met other scholars who work at the Septuaginta-Unternehmen or who were passing through, and gained a better appreciation for German culture.

As usual, it is great to be home, but I am already thinking of ways to go back!

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