In Göttingen Safe and Sound…Hard at Work

I arrived in Göttingen yesterday safe and sound. It was not an easy day of travel, since I came down with a stomach bug or virus 4 hours before going to the airport. My wife contracted this virus before me and so we were both very tired and not at our best mentally or physically. Long story short, I missed my first flight to Cleveland (I know, I know you’re not supposed to miss the first one!). As bad as this was, it worked to my advantage. I was supposed to take two domestic flights (Lou. to Clev. to Washington Dulles), but instead I took one flight to Newark and one to Frankfurt, which was much better for me especially given more poor health.

I made it in time to take a train to Göttingen. In Göttingen, I am staying for two weeks at the Baptiste Kirche. The accommodation is very quaint and suitable. I will post pictures later.

At the Institute, I was able to start collecting the resources for Job. I have scanned Ms 257 and photographed Ms 740. This is a very good start. I work from collations of the Job materials, but these two mss are usually recorded a silencio “from silence,” and as such one cannot be sure of their exact contents. I can now check these two mss myself. I have several more mss to photograph during my time here. I hope there is time to do it all.

Today, Dr. Gentry and I ran the errands (I had forgotten the joy of taking a daily walk to get the day’s supplies). We also bought our train tickets for our trip to Köln to meet Professor Hagedorn.

I will continue to post updates of the trip. I hope to take and post pics. as well.


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