Göttingen Trip: June 13-28

I have the privilege of traveling to Göttingen, Germany for dissertation research (“A Critical Edition of the Fragments of Origen’s Hexapla: Job 22-42”; Hexapla Institute) at the Septuaginta-Unternehmen.

I am very grateful to Southern Seminary for providing the external studies grant, which makes this trip possible. It is great to see that this school is providing financial support for its students to carry out this type of research.

I have been working on my dissertation for about a year now, and I have completed the text and apparatus for Job 22-38. During this time, I have logged a number of questions, which can only be decided by looking at the manuscripts directly; therefore, the best course of action is to be in the place which has archived all of the microfiche and photographs of all of the relevant manuscripts. Also, through the course of studying the textual witnesses, I have come to see which witnesses are the most important. I will scan these mss so that I can check them at later stages.

Deo uolenti, I also will be meeting Professor Dieter Hagedorn in Cologne (Köln). Professor Hagedorn has published a number of works, which are absolutely essential to my research (Olympiodor, Diakon Von Alexandria – Kommentar Zu Hiob; Johannes Chrysostomos Kommentar Zu Hiob; Die Alteren Griechischen Katenen Zum Buch Hiob to list a few). Professor Peter Gentry put me in email correspondence with Professor Hagedorn this past December. I have emailed him at least once or twice a week since then, and he has been a faithful correspondent to reply to each of my questions, often emailing whatever pictures of the mss he had at his disposal. I look forward to meeting him in person on June 20th to discuss some of my questions in person.

I will try to post each day of the trip so stay tuned for updates.


3 thoughts on “Göttingen Trip: June 13-28

  1. This is interesting and I will certainly be following your progress closely. I am a PhD student in Old Testament textual criticism, with specific reference to studying differences between selected texts of the LXX and the MT. Is there some time-table of such conferences and also some funding to attend such conferences? Many thanks.

  2. Philip –

    Who is your supervisor and what is your thesis? I’m interested to know more.

    My trip to Goettingen is not for a conference. I am simply traveling to research for my dissertation. Things happen to work together to meet Professor Hagedorn. I will be posting as I am over there.

  3. Hi John, My key supervisor is Dr. Ossom-Batsa. (OT TC) Old Testament Textual Criticism recognizes the “injuries” and corruptions that have occured to the OT during its transmission history and attempts to “re-construct” the “original” OT text, b it ny archeological discovery, but rather through the study of all relevant extant manuscripts, all of which may contain mistakes. Wish me luck!

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