Better Septuagintalist (part 2)

In a previous post, I expressed my desire to grow as a Septuagintalist in 2011. The goals are lofty, but I have been trying to chart a course which will help accomplish these goals. One of those goals was to read LXX Isaiah alongside of the MT. Here are the reasons why this is a good idea for me.

1. Most of my experience in the LXX has been in the Sapiential books (Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, and Job), Pentateuch, Psalms, and Deuterocanonical works. With the exception of Zechariah, I have read very little from the Prophets in the LXX and thus I need to read them more.

2. Why Isaiah? Well, I’m tired of not knowing what is going on in the SBL Greek Bible or IOSCS sessions which treat LXX Hermeneutics, where Isaiah is inevitably the test case for this or that theory. It’s high time for me to see what all the hubub is about :).

3. It’s Isaiah!!! I’m very excited about embarking on this journey through one of the masterpieces of human history!

What’s the plan to accomplish reading LXX and MT Isaiah in a year? It is as easy as five verses per day for five days a week. Here is the overview and the specific plan. I will also post these on a page above (LXX Reading Plans), where this plan will be the first of many, Lord willing!



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