Resolved: To be a better Septuagintalist in 2011 by…

1. Engaging in more patient and conscientious study of the primary sources (Learning to take more time and let conclusions “marinade” for a while).

2. Reading more of the LXX in 2011 (I plan to work through MT and LXX Isaiah in addition to MT and LXX Job for my dissertation).

3. Learning the rudiments of Armenian so that I can access and use the Armenian daughter version of LXX Job for research.

4. Completing my work on the Hexaplaric Fragments of Job 22-42 (want to graduate in May of 2012).

5. Gaining a better appreciation for LXX scholarship by reading more secondary literature.

Deo Volenti!

In the future, I will say more about reaching these lofty goals.


One thought on “Resolved: To be a better Septuagintalist in 2011 by…

  1. You have a good resolution – marinade. I seconded this thought several weeks ago. It is too easy to publish unconsidered thoughts. Mind you – too much consideration means utter mute utterance. Maybe God gives much consideration to these words of life and so seems silent to us. I can see I am going to have trouble with silence – Psalm 58:2(1), 57:2 (LXX) will give me this trouble for I had translated it: Is it truly a mute righteousness that you speak? with equity you judge the children of dust? but I see the LXX has resolved the ambiguity of subject one way and the RSV another. And no one uses mute, reflecting psalm 39:2,10(1,9).

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