Goettingen Day 4

Today, I had time to learn more about German culture.  My day started with Dr. Gentry calling and asking me to pick up the broetchen (rolls or small bread) on my own.  I have observed him do it the last three days and so I thought I could give it a shot.  I just needed to order vier broetchen bitte “four rolls please” and ask for a receipt mit cassenbon bitte “with a receipt please.”  The awkward part happened when she gave me the look of, “will that be all for you today?, and I had no response for this.  I think I said something like genau “exactly” when I should of said something like das ist  genug “that is enough.”  Anyways, it was exciting and I plan on doing it again tomorrow.

After this errand, we went to an ecumenical church service between the local baptist and lutheran churches in town.  There were some parts liturgical and some parts contemporary.  It was all in German so I did not understand much of it, but the singing was fun and I was trying to translate the lyrics.

After church we hopped on a train for Northeim Germany (10 minute train ride north of Goettingen) to eat lunch with a wonderful Christian German family that Dr. Gentry knows from previous visits.  They graciously paid for our meal and drove us from the restaurant back to Goettingen.  It was a wonderful time and I will not forget the generosity extended.

When we returned to the Institute, I immediately set out to work on the mss.  and the CPA.  I have only one fragment left of the CPA, which can be split over the two days left.  So I’m on target here.  I have still more mss. to look at.

I still need to walk by Walter Bauer’s house to check it out.  I like that Germany memorializes these scholars by placing plaques on their houses with the scholar’s name and area of expertise.  Then in the case of the Lagarde Haus at least, the discipline is carried on in the house.  It’s wonderful, really.


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