Goettingen Day 3

Well, I do not have a lot of time to write, but I wanted to mention a few things.

In terms of research, it looks like I will meet my goals for this trip.  I have a manageable chunk of the CPA left, which I should finish on Tuesday morning and I will collate it with Dr. Gentry’s edition on the plane ride home :).  Although there is a paucity of CPA material for Ecclesiastes, it has been interesting to see how it translated the Greek text.  I have found a few interesting variants that I might share later.

I’m still working at tracking down the mss for Job, and so far there has been success here.  I hope I have enough time to finish :).  Dr. Gentry also has me working on Ecclesiastes mss.  If I get all of this done, there is yet another project I can do for him [updating the Gregory of Agregentius commentary in the apparatus].  The edition is due out this year, so I guess this is what you call crunch time.

Today, we went to the market and bought some Wurst and broetchen for lunch.  I’m becoming a connoisseur 🙂 since I can now taste the difference between good Wurst and better Wurst.  After this we ran our usual errands, but we had to plan ahead since on Sunday the stores are closed.  About the only thing we will buy tomorrow will be the broetchen for dinner.

I hope to get out and walk around sometime, but with the combination of less than desirable weather and lots of work to do, so far I have not managed to get out to see all I have wanted to see.


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