Goettingen Day 2

Well, I slept soundly from 6:30 PM to 5:00 AM this morning.  I’m told that “jet lag” sometimes wakes one up in the middle of the night for an hour or so and then one can fall sleep again.  However, I did not have this problem :).  The Lord caused me to sleep well and he gave me a fairly productive day considering the learning curve.  I had to find alot of light switches in the dark in the Lagarde Haus, take my first shower in Germany [not any different than in the US], ready and eat breakfast etc.  Shortly after this, Dr. Gentry and I went to get the daily bread.  There is a bakery not five minutes walk from the Unternehmen, where we buy fresh bread every day.  The bread was very tasty with cheese or with honey.

Today, I began work on the Christian Palestinian Aramaic fragments (CPA of Ecclesiastes (5th-8th C).  It is basically Syriac, but it has a slightly different script and its morphology is different in places, but overall it is not much more difficult to read than Syriac.

The Unternehmen has three Job mss. that I will be able to use for my research, which is exciting.  More on that at a later time.

Notes on Germany. The weather here reminds me of New England in the winter.  It is dark and overcast and cool (-0.8 C) during the day.  Unfortunately this makes the walks into town a little less enjoyable than they could be, but I still find the town to be quite beautiful.  I have yet to take my camera out, but I hope to do so in the next couple of days.  Saturday and Monday look like they will be clearer, but we shall see.

For now, I must get back to the research.  Tschuss.


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