Made the Biblioblog Top 50 Blog (though I’m not in the top 50 :)

Thanks to the guys over at Biblioblog Top 50 for listing this humble blog  among their links and for their post which announced it.  I encourage the reader, who is interested in biblical studies, to check out this blog.  I’m sure there is something there for everyone!


4 thoughts on “Made the Biblioblog Top 50 Blog (though I’m not in the top 50 :)

  1. I have a question that maybe you could help me with (this is a referral from the Biblioblog site). I have read in a number of sites that Dan 4:34 LXX is the only place where apolytrosis appears in the Septuagint. Yet I have checked for myself and don’t see it. Where is the apolytrosis reference in Dan 4:34 LXX?

    Thanks so much

    1. Stephan,

      Thanks for stopping by! The reading is as follows: και επι τελεια των επτα ετων ο χρονος μου της απολυτρωσεως ηλθε… I guess I would translate this as follows: and at the culmination/summation of the seven years my time of redemption came…

      The word does occur in the LXX version of Daniel. Perhaps you were looking at the Theodotion version of Daniel, which does not contain the the word in question. NETS (Dan. 4:30c) translates as “my redemption.”

      Thanks for stopping by. Why are you researching apolutrosis?

  2. Jim,

    I think it does. I added my own site to my google reader to test it once, and it worked fine. Maybe try it again? Let me know if it continues to be a problem.


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