Google Searches which led to LXX Studies

Although this blog has only been up for a couple of months now, people have found it using a variety of search terms.  Some are to be expected, while others are surprising.

ܥܡܢܘܐܝܠ – “Emmanuel.”  In all of my wildest imaginations, I did not ever think anyone would find this blog by using a Syriac term.  In this case someone found LXX studies searching on that wonderful truth of “God with us” in Isaiah 7:14 in the Peshitta Version.

justin martyr lxx – Whoever searched this phrase most probably knows of the major issues regarding Justin’s version of the LXX in comparison with the Old Greek.  My paper on Justin and Isaiah 7:14 introduces some of the issues involved.

dead sea scrolls isaiah 7:14 – Google is a wonderful search tool since these two ideas do not occur in the same post.  I think I mention the DSS in the Is 53.8 posts and Isaiah 7:14 in a different post.

“seminary papers” baptist – Now this search phrase has me a little interested.  I am a baptist and I do have a page called “seminary papers.”  My guess, however, is that someone probably meant papers in the sense of a “seminary’s records of official correspondence”, not academic papers.

example descriptive text – I have no idea what this means.  I used the phrase “is this text descriptive” in a post, but I have no idea how “example” fits with it.  Again, Google does some amazing things.


2 thoughts on “Google Searches which led to LXX Studies

  1. Hi John,

    This is the first time I’ve really looked at your blog, and I’m impressed. I caught up with you via a comment you left over at Halton’s place.

    I would encourage to keep blogging on the LXX studies. It’s a great field. You are just the kind of person I had in mind when I put up this post a few days ago:

    Best with your studies and journey through seminary,


    1. Thanks John. I checked out your post on the new lexicon. I have not had a chance to pick up a copy yet, and I’m waiting for the sale at SBL this year. I will certainly keep your review in mind. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to pick up blogging once I get through more of my comp. exam reading.

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