Updates to Seminary Papers

I have posted three new papers under the “Seminary Papers” page.

  1. A paper on Isaiah 7:14 in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho, which I wrote this Spring.
  2. A paper on the land theme in the Biblical canon, which I wrote last Spring.  In this paper I attempt to trace in broad strokes the land promise in the OT and its subsequent fulfillments in the OT and its ultimate fulfillment in the NT.
  3. I also linked to Adorare Mente‘s publication of my paper on circumcision in Egypt and Israel.

I hope these papers interest you and stimulate your thinking in significant ways.


4 thoughts on “Updates to Seminary Papers

  1. We have been told for so long that Matthew and Luke wrote that Jesus had no human father. But is this the case, or has Jewish idiom been twisted to fit the mentality of the Greek interpreters of the Bible?

    The interpretations theologians give to the birth narratives run into problems at every instance: Matthew supposedly did not quote Isaiah’s prophecy, but a translation which says something different to the original; supposedly the NT has 2 genealogies of Joseph (who is irrelevant) and none of Jesus; a ridiculous interpretation is given to Mary’s question; it is claimed the angel’s assurance confirms a virgin birth in Mary’s case, but not in Elizabeth’s case; and so on.

    You may find these articles on virgin birth of interest and coming from an unusual angle


    and, similarly TheologyWeb:

    Forum — General Theistics 101
    Thread — Does the Bible teach that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was conceived?


  2. I am presently working through Gentry and Wellum’s “Kingdom Through Covenant” in which they reference a paper of yours published in the apparently now-defunct Adorare Mente. I am unable to find a copy of that paper anywhere, and wondered if you might happen to have another place in which that paper has been published that I am simply unable to find?

  3. Tim, thanks for your interest in my paper. I’m currently preparing it for publication in another journal. A condensed version of the argument will be made available in two forthcoming publications. I will let you know about those when they become available. Again, thanks for your interest.

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